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Protecting your wallet and savings

Despite the financial struggles of the people of Bristol and Norfolk counties, the legislature looks for more ways to tax hard working citizens while recently voting itself a hefty pay raise. Beacon Hill has forgotten the toll high taxes take on family budgets and small businesses. Tim Hempton is committed to fighting against the entrenched politicians who want to increase revenue by raising our taxes over and over again. The legislature needs to reduce wasteful spending as a means to provide needed services at the state level and increase local aid to the cities and towns.
As a Representative Town Meeting member, Tim has a demonstrated track record as fiscal conservative. As a small business owner, Tim knows that increasing taxes during a weak economic recovery hurts the state’s overall financial growth and job creation. He will work for an agenda that protects families, seniors and small business job creators from never-ending tax increases.

Educating the next generation

Chapter 70 which calculates the state obligated Education funding for local city and towns has been underfunded for years due to the legislature’s failure to update the budget. The budget assumptions have not been updated since 1993. The state-wide shortfall of this failed funding responsibility exceeds $2 billion dollars.

Tim wants our children to be prepared to compete in the new global marketplace. He supports more local aid for our schools, reduced classroom sizes, and higher academic standards.

Tim Hempton understands the importance of educating the next generation as he is an experienced educator. He has had the privilege of serving on the faculty at Harvard University School of Dental Medicine and is presently a faculty member at Tufts University.

Fiscal Accountability

The fiscal mismanagement of our state government is staggering. One only has to look at the MBTA as an example of continued waste of tax dollars while providing less than optimal service. Reports emerge continuously in the news about lost revenues and a pension deficit approaching a billion dollars.  Moreover, a recent article in the Boston Globe highlighted the fiscal mismanagement of the current legislature: “policy makers have, budget after budget, used quick fixes instead of making tough choices. They’ve diverted and drained billions meant for the state’s emergency savings account. They’ve put off until next year bills that were meant to be paid this year. They’ve used money meant for pensions and retiree health care to plug short-term budget holes. And they’ve repeatedly made unrealistically optimistic projections that allow them to balance budgets at the cost of burdening future lawmakers.”

Here is a short list of wasted tax dollars from the State Auditors web page:
• The State Retirement Board paid more than $687,000 in pension benefits to 105 dead people because it used outdated death data for more than a year.
• In 2010 an audit report identified $233 million that was spent unnecessarily when MassHealth paid providers directly for services that should have been paid by managed care organizations that receive a set amount to cover health care costs for their members. Another $288 million could have been saved if the MassHealth contracts with the managed care organizations were clearer about what services should have been covered.
• The public-benefits system, which accounts for more than one-third of the state budget, had $13.7 million in benefits fraud in the last fiscal year indentified by Bureau of Special Investigations.

As our next State Senator, Tim Hempton will fight for fiscal reforms. Medicaid and other tax supported benefits utilized by people residing unlawfully in our state places a huge burden on the state budget and in turn the taxpayers. He will support legislation to strengthen verification requirements within the Department of Transitional Assistance (welfare) and the other taxpayer funded benefit programs. The goal is ensure that only individuals residing lawfully in the Commonwealth receive benefits.

Reviving the Economy and Growing Jobs

It’s time to change the business climate in Massachusetts so we can put people back to work. As a small business owner, no one is better equipped than Tim to help grow local jobs. He knows the struggles of meeting a payroll and covering overhead. Tim has seen firsthand how regulations and mandates can hold a small business back. By helping the small business community which creates three out of every four new jobs, our economy will revive.
Tim will use his working knowledge to hold the line on taxes, regulations and costly mandates that can stifle growth. He supports reforming the laws that make it difficult for people to freelance and a cost/benefit analysis of regulations every 5 years.

Affordable and Accessible Health Care

Tim Hempton knows that we don’t need more professional politicians or lawyers on Beacon Hill. We need more people with practical experience that can make a difference. As a periodontist, Tim understands health care, the costs associated and the importance of accessible, quality care.  Like you, he believes that medical decisions should remain between a doctor and a patient.

Opioid Epidemic

As health care provider, Tim understands and supports the Governor’s concerns regarding reducing available prescription opioids. The Opiod crisis has had devastating effects on the young people of our state claiming four lives a day in 2015. In conjunction with local RTCs, Tim has worked with local officials to provide information to the public about the Opiod Epidemic.


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