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Hempton: Rogers Wrong in Vote to Force Small Businesses into Public Employee Union

Hempton: Rogers Wrong in Vote to Force Small Businesses into Public Employee Union


June 30, 2014

Holly Robichaud

Walpole, MA … …Today Tim Hempton, candidate for State Representative, announced that he hopes the Supreme Court Harris vs. Quinn decision on requiring home health care workers to join a union will help repeal Massachusetts 2012 law requiring home day care workers into a public sector union.

In 2012 the Massachusetts legislature passed a law requiring workers at home-based daycare centers to be required to pay union dues if the center cares for one child receiving a state voucher. Large daycare centers were exempt from the law. It was directly aimed at the small businesses which are mainly owned by women. Massachusetts home day care providers are currently disputing the law in court.

State Representative John Rogers voted for the forced unionization of these small businesses. (Roll call 330 on July 26, 2012)

“Today’s ruling upholds that government subsidies are enough to force unionization of non-public sector workers. Home day care providers have a right under the First Amendment to refuse to pay dues to a union they do not want to join,” said Hempton.

Supporters of the law suggested it would ensure quality care for children. However, children are already protected by the regulations. In fact, it is one of the most regulated businesses in Massachusetts. Hence, when children are not receiving adequate care, the result is the state can simply revoke the license of the provider.

Today the Supreme Court announced in a 5-4 decision that home health care workers in IL cannot be required to pay union dues. Justices said the forced unionization violated people’s first amendment rights.

“As a small business owner, I sympathize with the home daycare owners who have been forced to join the SEIU. The incumbent’s vote did not help these small business owners. It did not raise their reimbursement rates for taking care of a child on a state voucher. It was a money grab for the unions and an anti-small business vote,” said Hempton.


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